Hot Import Nights Stealing Services

Houston, Texas 0 comments

I was contacted by Molly Truong who's a marketing director and model for Hot Import Nights regarding video production covering the Houston event.There were many emails exchanged back and forth (all of which were kept) discussing payment details and satisfied requirements to be paid once a finished video was mailed to them.

After all requirements were satisfied and a payment was agreed upon she simply never paid. I was told the check was sent. I waited and never received any mail of any kind, then contacted again. This time to find that she claims my check had already been cashed.

Be careful working with these people.

They will steal from you and smile doing it.They have no respect for the locals, photographers, or videographers that support the import car scene.

Review about: Bad Customer Service.

Hot Import Nights Owners Criminal Frauds

Los Angeles, California 1 comment

The popular import tuner car HIN (Hot Import Nights) tour company is owned and operated by a pair of high stakes grifters ( CARY FLOYD, PAUL STEVENS and DAVID KIM ), who have conned investors, defrauded sponsors and illegally failed to pay its vendors and employees.As of March 2010 they are being sued ( at least 5 different suits are filed in the public record ) for over 3.5 million dollars in payroll, contracts and fraudulent divestitures, yet they continue to operate under differing corporate banners.

The likes of which is known as a "SHELL GAME" in which they funnel sponsors' and investor funds into offshore accounts, then run the company into the ground.Beware, these crooks are very good CONFIDENCE ARTISTS and not above any reproach.

Review about: Money Fraud.


Omaha, Nebraska, United States #657611

Cary Floyd is now under Doc Brown LLC and New World Distribution, in Laguna Hills CA, stay far far far away from these *** artists

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